Am I the only person who’s completely fine with the way Ten behaved in The End of Time?


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This is probably the best commentary on Ten’s regeneration, ever. I get when people call his scene “overdramatic”, but if anyone had the right to flip out a little it was him. Especially since it could be argued that Ten is the most “human” of all the Doctors, and for humans losing your identity is as good as dying and people don’t like it. If anything, it makes him sacrificing his life an even stronger moment because we hear his conflict and know how afraid and angry he is about this. But he still saves Wilf.

prompts: taste, endearments, masturbation (performance), master and slave, voice fetishization

Embracing silly cliches is fun!

When I write stuff tagged “kink bingo entry”, that means I used a very specific process to write it. I have a list of kinks/fetishes/character types/plot devices (mostly sexual in nature) and they’re associated to the numbers 1-75, like on a bingo card. So what I did is make groups of five for all the prompts and basically went wild from there. So there is a document on my computer that is essentially a list of kinks and the ships I will be writing. It’s madness.

Anywho, as a follow-up to my previous asexual!Doctor thing, here’s this shameless embrace of some smut cliches.

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themes: protectiveness, marriage, vision/seeing, secrets, finger-fucking

I have a deep, passionate, and all-consuming love for the Doctor/Rose relationship. My guilty pleasure du jour is Eleven/Rose (I crave moar of this particular regeneration, but dislike River Song for really quite complicated reasons), but I don’t really feel comfortable writing Eleven yet with all his really-quite-dark Issues. Ten/Rose, on the other hand? Much easier to write (for me)!

This fic also deals with something I rarely see in smut fics (for obvious reasons). So please enjoy the rampant cliches and my first go at writing asexual!Doctor.

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